30 May Life Coach – Satyarthi Prateek

Client: Life Coach & Spiritual Friend – Satyarthi Prateek

Background: Satyarthi Prateek is a leading Life Coach and Spiritual friend offering consultation to anyone looking to live a better life with the help of meditation, healing arts and bodywork.

Problem: Satyarthi Prateek did not consult previously in Mumbai and most of his clientele was based abroad. Satyarthi Prateek wanted to acquire clients in Mumbai.

Solution By Brew My Idea: We created an irresistible ad for Satyarthi Prateek that would act as an initial interaction between potential clients and Satyarthi with the help of targeted Facebook Adverts. We promoted the concept – “Free 15 Minute Consultation with Life Coach”. We targeted recently millenials in Mumbai in the age group of 22-33.


  • We generated 26 leads on Facebook spending INR 2600 rupees i.e. INR 100 rupees per lead.
  • Out of 26 leads generated, Satyarthi Prateek got 6 permanent clients who he consults over phone regularly. The other 20 leads are in regular touch with him with the help of Whatsapp Broadcast list and Satyarthi Prateek is hopeful of converting them with the help of a Whatsapp Sequence.
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