5 Tips To Boost Website Traffic

boost website traffic

1) Use Keyword Optimized Content

Keyword optimization is one of the first things you must remember when starting a website, blog, or online business. Using keywords optimized for your specific business in your website and blog content makes it possible and easy for search engines to find your content/business. Proper keyword research is also essential in helping grow organic traffic too. This is because most people will use specific terms to find a product or related companies, a reason you need to know and understand the most likely keywords they’ll use. Although some keywords may be specific to you, you also need to ensure individuals who do not know your business by name can find you via search engines.

Google Analytics is one of the best tools you can use to research and find the best keywords for your website and web content. Designed by Google, the tool will give you an idea of the terms and phrases related to your specific niche and those that your competitors use to drive traffic. Although many people still use Google as their main search engine, you also need to factor in other search engines, especially social media engines as well. It is only by ensuring all these are covered and the right content created and published for the same that you will see a boost in organic traffic and improved website performance. 

How to optimize your SEO efforts:

i.) Make your website easy to find: There’s no better way to help search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) find your website and content online than with proper descriptions and support content. Use proper SEO titles for the website and any other content you create and publish.

ii.) Promote your web content: Blog posts and articles provide a great avenue to boost and promote your website content. Customer and audience testimonials can also play a crucial role in boosting search engine rankings and inbound traffic.

iii.) Optimize videos and images: Many search engines are optimized for indexing words, not visual elements such as videos or images. Helping search engines decode what is contained in videos and images, especially through meta descriptions and alternative text, can help boost your search engine rankings and overall performance.

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2) Create Targeted Landing Pages

Landing pages are an audience’s first point of contact when visiting your website. For this reason, it would be advisable to create content meant to ‘quench’ the audience’s thirst and needs, especially if looking for something in particular from your website. Website analytics can help you identify and highlight content tailored to visitors’ priorities.

3) Create And Publish Quality, Engaging Content

The most successful websites and online businesses have quality and informative content to thank for their success. You thus need to create thought and creativity when creating content to publish both on the website, articles, and blogs. Make an effort to create content to inform or provide answers/solutions to the audience’s queries.

There’s more that goes into content creation than talking about your business or topic in general. In addition to creating informative content, you’ll still need to weave in keywords optimized for your specific niche and target audience. High-quality and optimized content for search engines and organic visitors has a higher lead conversion and translates to more traffic than un-optimized ones. Nonetheless, publishing quality content will earn higher search engine rankings, more traffic, and repeat audiences. Be sure create easy to understand content using simple words and phrases. 

4) Take Advantage of Digital Ads

Digital advertisements have been around for many years. Like TV ads, they are meant to create awareness of a certain product, company, or service. It is through creating awareness that interested individuals can visit the advertised website to learn more or even make an order. It is also worth noting that digital ads, or banner ads, are strategically placed on other websites and search results and displayed to target audiences based on their online activity and search habits. Using the same to advertise your website/company can also attract many impressions and traffic.

Almost everyone today is on social media. This makes it a ripe platform for businesses, marketers, and website owners to target specific groups and audiences for improved traffic. Running ads on these platforms is relatively easy. You can customize the ads to target a specific age group, education level, interests, etc., matching whatever services or products your business/website has to offer. Most of these platforms have plans that enable one to choose their target audience for better results. The search engine uses complex algorithms to determine where best to place the ads for improved exposure. 

4) Boost Local Search Reputation

Most search engines prioritize local content before switching to other regions. This feature is particularly important if your target audience is locals and those within your geographical location. Optimizing your website and content for local audiences and search can help boost traffic significantly. If you run an AC repair website in Chicago, for example, you then should consider optimizing your content for local search can help boost traffic. Building a local search reputation means locals will identify with the business/website much easier, hence may become repeat visitors or consumers. You might also want to include customer testimonials and reviews on the website for credibility and trust. Enabling clients to leave reviews and testimonials can also go a long way in boosting confidence and traffic to the website.

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