6 SEO Trends to Watch Out For in 2021
11 Jul, 2023
Digital Marketing

Google is the most widely used search engine in the world, and it has been that way for some time. The company is at the top of its game, with more than 2 billion users on Google every month. It’s not always obvious, but Google updates its algorithms about 500 million times a year to keep up with all the changes that happen in the digital world.

In this article, we will explore some of Google’s seo trends for 2021 and how they can affect your business strategy.

1. Mobile First Indexing

Mobile first indexing is a new search engine ranking algorithm. It will affect about 3 billion web pages. This means that all those pages will be ranked according to the accessibility of the webpage from a mobile device.

It means that Google will start to evaluate and rank sites based on how well they show up on a small, mobile screen, rather than desktop computer screens. This change affects about 3 billion web pages and is happening soon. The rankings will then be based on how accessible the webpage is from a mobile device rather than desktop computer screens.

This change affects about 3 billion webpages and Google has started rolling out this update already with end of 2021 as its target date for completion!

2. Voice Search

This past year, voice search became the second most popular means of finding information on a mobile phone. And by end of 2021, voice will be the first choice for conducting a search. A few factors are contributing to this increase in popularity and use:

With voice assistants now able to handle more tasks than before, people are more inclined to use it for their day-to-day tasks rather than looking up information on their phone’s screens.

Another factor is the increase in the number of home devices that give users the ability to control their lights, appliances, and security systems with just one device – all with simple voice commands.

This technology is poised to be disruptive not only in how we conduct searches but also how we interact with our devices at home and even work.

3. Long-Form Content

Long form content is growing more and more popular on the internet. As the era of mobile-first indexing progresses, we are seeing a trend of people preferring to get their information in a longer article or post which looks more like an article you would read in a newspaper or magazine.

This is due to our need for instant gratification. Longer content is not something that we can just skim through so easily but it will obligate the reader to read it from start to finish, making them feel satisfied at the end of it. It also has been found that longer content attracts higher rankings for its keywords when it comes to search engine optimization and Google’s algorithm update in 2021 .

As people are getting busier and busier, long form content becomes attractive because it gives us something.

Google is working on a new algorithm, which will be released in 2021. This algorithm will be known as “EAT SEO” and it will take into account more than just content when ranking websites.

Google announced their “EAT SEO” algorithm at Pubcon Vegas this year. EAT SEO is Google’s next generation of search algorithms, which are set to release in 2021. The new “EAT SE”O algorithm will include factors such as engagement, attention, and time on site to rank websites instead of just content.

5. Enhanced Focus on UI/UX

In 2021, we’ll see a shift in the way people interact with websites. The internet will evolve to include more virtual and augmented reality experiences. There will be less of an emphasis on text, which is difficult to read through a VR headset or AR device. Enhanced visuals, interactive maps, and more intuitive design will take the place of text-heavy sites.

The internet’s motto has always been “the homepage is the new home,” but with the rise of AR and VR devices, we’re seeing that this motto may not be true anymore. Websites are entering a new phase where they have to be designed for multiple interfaces instead of just one virtual interface – meaning that designers need to think about how their website looks on desktops and mobile phones as well as through an augmented or virtual reality headset.

6. Importance of Local SEO

Local SEO is an integral part of any SEO strategy. Local SEO in terms of optimizing your website for local searches and ranking your website for keywords in the local search results.

The importance of local SEO is growing exponentially and this trend will continue to increase in the future. It is important to have a robust local SEO strategy in order to compete with other businesses in your area for the same customers. A successful local SEO campaign should be able to generate traffic from Google users who are looking for businesses nearby their location. Check out seo consultant long island

Hope you enjoyed today’s article. At Brew My Idea, we’re looking at the evolving SEO trends and taking online rankings to the next level. With a free audit from us, you’ll see how we incorporate these trends to rank your business high on search engine results.