Hello Everybody

Our Journey….

It all started with an Idea!

When a very intrigued mind was sipping coffee, He observed that there are numerous digital marketing companies, but there was one thing missing in all of them. Logical Digital Marketing wasn’t a real thing. Necessity led to invention and now here we are catering and optimising the needs of our Clients. Of course, we are still trying to add that word to the Oxford Dictionary! Brew My Idea came into existence when we thought of brewing ideas and converting them into digital reality. Or probably that’s just a story we like to tell our clients, it sounds nice you know.

Truth is, that., the .com domain for Brew My Idea was available and hey you know what they say right, “Majboori ka naam……”!

Let’s Meet the Brewers!

Start working with an company that can provide everything you need to generate awareness,
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Do you Want to Meet our Founder First?(because #Protocol)

It might be quite rude if we keep him for the last. Do you remember we talked about that “Intrigued Mind who was Sipping Coffee”?,
Well he is into green tea now (because #LoseTheBeerBelly. There, we said it, His name gives you an imagery of the renowned ship – INS Vikrant

Truly he is the Sailor of This Ship!

That’s him, Vikrant.

Hi I’m Vikrant Tamhane, The Chief Trouble Maker

Vikrant always wanted to embark on his own entrepreneurial journey. A BMM Graduate and an Ex-Directian, he founded Brew My Idea in 2016 with a vision to constantly innovate & experiment with new “Digital Marketing Solutions” for small and established brands alike.

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Siddhi Parikh, The Chief Amazement Officer

Well, she is our ‘Khaleesi’. Why do we call her that? She has studied Law, so better don’t mess with her, just kidding! With an inclination towards marketing since her college days and after being bit by the entrepreneurship bug, she co-founded Brew My Idea with Vikrant. All the content brewed at Brew My Idea is vetted by her (by which we mean it is scrutinised, chopped, churned, warmed up [and then presented) before it reaches the Client.

Jahanvi Pandya, The Social Media Wiz Lead

Meet Jahanvi. She knows all the ‘Masaledaar’ news that goes around on Social Media, even before Karan Johar does! Please don’t tell Karan about this, he may feel insecure. With being socially stalk-y and high on the discipline quotient, we like to refer to her as our ‘Maaa’!

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Eliza Maredia Content Brewer

She’s the youngest of the team, but don’t judge her for her age, because she has gathered more than a year of experience in the digital world, all the way from influencer marketing & social media account management to writing website content & blogs for multiple brands. To put it in short, she’s your Digital Marketing Supergirl!

Akik Patil, The Ad Specialist

Here we have Akik Patil, one of our Ads specialists, who is first and foremost a passionate biker. He is a blend of Gujarati and Marathi. Wondering how? From Khamni to Khakhra, he loves to binge eat everything Gujju. He enjoys scrolling through ads even in his free time. We think even his dreams contain ads, bikes, and Gujju food.


Mansi Deshpande, Graphic Designer & Full-Time Memer

Here is Mansi Deshpande, Brew my Idea’s Creative Mastermind and a full-time Memer. Her surname says it all, so don’t mess with her. Judging every piece of art on social media and on the streets is her speciality. Her responsibilities include being a turtle mom, a foodie, and spinning dark tales and memes to entertain her colleagues.

Chaitali Parmar, The Social Media Wizard

Meet our tiny social media executive, Chaitali Parmar, from South Bombay. Despite her name including ‘Chai,’ she is an avid coffee drinker. It’s remarkable how she never gains weight despite her love of food. Her passion for brewing creative content and her SoBo tales will never end.
Rahul Roy_For Website

Rahul Roy, The Homely Designer

The “in-house” work from home designer. Loves to rant about not hanging out with his colleagues but loves the comfort of his home! A total creative freak and always amazes us with his design skills. Has a flair for new creative tricks and roshogulla.

And this brings us to the end of our stories, and then we worked happily ever after….FOR YOU!
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