B2B Website Trends in 2021

The year 2021 is the time when there will be lots of experimenting in B2B web design. 2020 was able to show us lots of designs but 2021 will take us to a new era of web designs. New technologies and trend setters will emerge in this decade by taking the business of people to new standards that we haven’t ever seen.

What changes can you expect? What kind of designs will emerge? Here are some of the new trends that will emerge in the year 2021

1) Dark Mode
This mode has already popped in most of the smartphones and there is not much scope remaining in the night mode/dark mode. This feature is added to almost every social media apps.
The dark mode is mainly used to reduce the strain on your eyes. In this new IT age, almost all our time is spent in front of our mobile and laptop screens daily. Many say that the dark mode/night mode makes the website sleek, classy, and modern. However, it is done with lackluster or poor design, we can simply feel it. The websites that are made with the night mode will take time to take their best shape like whiskey which gets better with time. The designers need to take a lot of usability factor in mind like contrast, scannability, and readability.

2) Experimental Layouts
The year 2021 will all be about experiments. For instance, the B2B platforms have adopted the mobile “hamburger” menu for desktop browsing. Some other companies are trying to experiment with the full-screen pop-ups. Developers are trying to create new ways to change the basic features of B2B like the banners, footers, and menus. Experimentation is at new heights with the growing use of Virtual Reality and Voice.

3) Virtual Interaction
This is something to be excited about. The virtual interaction was in the market for a while but wasn’t used as frequently up until recently. 2020 was able to teach us about digital innovation and remote communications. Just in a snap, physical meetings turned into virtual meetings and we were introduced to different virtual meeting platforms like Zoom, Google Meets, and Microsoft Teams. Virtual interactions have a lot of space to grow and turn into something amazing. The coming decade is of virtual meetings. All of the Virtual Interaction apps are upgrading themselves. At the beginning of 2020, there were a lot of complaints like a privacy issue, connectivity issue with these B2B platforms. The companies have rectified this and are still trying to make the experience a tad bit better.

4) User-Generated Content
This is going to be one of the biggest trend in 2021 as the B2B companies are trying to build trust with their customers and give you benefits to make you the best in the business. In 2021, we are going to see that more and more businesses will adopt the User-Generated Content B2B website design.
It is the best way to promote your business where you are not doing promotion or claiming to be the best in the market where your customers are doing that for you.

5) Minimalism
Minimalism is a trend that comes and goes away from the B2B website design from time to time. This year, however, we will see a rise in minimalist design style. The main aim of this design type is to remove anything from the background that is distracting or doesn’t meet the user’s need. The websites that use these types of designs have more negative spaces, bold typography, and contrasting colors.

6) Flash-y
With the re-emergence of older website designs in 2021, we are going to get nostalgic with the flash trend in web design. The flashy trend was of the late 90s and early 2000s. It was a new technology that was taking off with different experiments. It was able to broke the web design boxes. This decade was infamous for using too much flash-y-ness as it was quite easy to use animation, add cool effects and interactions. As we usher into 2021, we will see similar experiences through CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. The only difference will be that the effects that are made will be made with hints of nostalgia without taking off from the brand’s message.

7) Personalization
This trend was popular in 2020 and it will move into 2021. Every visitor entering a website wants a unique experience and the personalization is improving year after year. Artificial Intelligence will play a major role in personalization in the B2B space. B2B platforms are releasing their own AI’s. For instance, Amazon recently launched the “Amazon” experience. It increased the revenue of the company by 10% to 30%. Taking a note of Amazon’s huge success, other big B2B companies are developing and updating their own AI to give user’s the best experience.

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