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Marketing Collateral

If you are looking for a way to promote your business, then you will be creating collateral. What is marketing collateral you ask? Essentially, it means any of the ‘stuff’ that you produce in order to encourage sales and brand awareness. Examples include logo, flyers, pop-up displays, white papers, and more. It can also these days include digital content – that means things like website copy, sales scripts, or photographs that you will use to adorn your website. Brew My Idea is your one stop shop for all the marketing materials you could possibly need. That means that we will handle not only web design, content marketing, Twitter marketing, SEO, and all those other things – but pretty much any job you could need from us. We are one of the top branding agencies in Mumbai for a reason!

Branding Agencies in Mumbai
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Sales Scripts

As part of our content marketing services and copywriting services, we can provide sales scripts to help you make more sales. A sales script is a piece of persuasive writing that is designed to be placed on a website or spoken out loud in a video. Either way, this should draw the listener/reader in and then convince them to make a purchase by making the right sales pitch. When done correctly, a good sales script can increase your conversions better than other types of content can.


If you want to promote your business in ‘the real world’, then a flyer is a highly effective tool that can give you a lot of exposure. A flyer is basically a piece of paper that acts as a short advertisement for your business. It will include information about the company, products, contact details and use images to help sell your company and inform those potential leads of your terms and the reasons they should pick you over your competition. It’s an old-fashioned marketing ploy, but sometimes the old ones are the best. If you want to ensure your flyers make it into lots of homes, then just go into the street outside where you’re based and hand out flyers to all those walking past. This also gives you a chance to interact with people and tell them a little about what you do. Likewise, you can also hand out flyers at trade shows and corporate events, and you can put them into ‘goodie bags’ in which you can promote other things too.

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Pop-Up Displays

Don’t go to a tradeshow until you’ve spoken with the top branding agency in Mumbai! At a tradeshow, you can benefit from a large range of ‘marketing collateral’. In particular, you might benefit from pop-up displays – cut-outs that will stand out and draw people to your tradeshow display.  Pop-up displays can also be highly useful in stores, whether at point of sale, or placed around the shop. As one of the biggest branding agencies in Mumbai, we are frequently hired to create a huge number of marketing materials including many that we haven’t yet listed here.

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Some of the stuff we do:


Video explainers

Letter headers


Instruction manuals

Magazine ads

White papers

Promotional pictures

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