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Looking for a Social Media Marketing Company in Mumbai?

With developing technology, the business world has altered considerably. As the use of the Internet enhanced, businesses have modified their marketing strategies. With such a large audience of customers from the Internet, businesses have commenced online marketing. If you are looking for a reliable social media agency in Mumbai ditch the 1000s of other average social media agencies in Mumbai and work with the best – Brew My Idea!

Marketing is what a business needs to grow. And since the business does not have in-build expertise in marketing services, it needs to hire certain expert agencies. Digital Marketing Agency and Social Media Agency play the most crucial role when it comes to building up a distinct business. Our agency Brew My Idea is set up with the perspective of increasing your stock and service sales proposing a huge number of marketing aids. Our agency uses various social networking sites to capture the scrutiny of utmost audience feasible.

Social Media Agency in Mumbai

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

In order to conduct online marketing efforts, one needs to choose between in-house marketing and a marketing agency. Generally, compared with in-house marketing services, a Digital Marketing Agency delivers way better aptitude in all sectors from websites, web advertising to social media. With well-equipped marketing gadgets, the agency can handle marketing for your business very well. Typically, a digital marketing arena comes up with assorted marketing elements all under one roof.

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency can provide an uplift to your business as it:

  1. Facilitates the business promoting its brand
  2. Builds buyer loyalty
  3. Improves sales through digital marketing endeavours
  4. Uses measurable, targeted, interactive and top digital technology
  5. Delivers flexibility to use one agency for handling all the tasks necessary for online marketing.

Elements of Digital Marketing Agency include:

  1. SEO,
  2. Social media,
  3. Pay-per-click ads (PPC),
  4. Website design,
  5. Content,
  6. Data reports,
  7. Lead generation,
  8. Strategy development and other related services.

And the finest thing is, your team can handle one or two areas if it has expertise in some. The agency will handle the rest.

Meet your ideal Social Media Marketing Company

Discussing business undertakings, desires, and functions the company will create a bespoke digital marketing plan. Meet the number #1 social media agency in Mumbai, Brew My Idea and provide us with an understanding of your key business. In order to help you meet your business goals and objectives, the we will include the following topics in the meeting.

  1. The type of corporation products and services offered.
  2. The company brand.
  3. Business objectives and motives.
  4. Business principles.
  5. Prevailing marketing plan.
  6. Target market.
  7. Prospects concerning working with a Digital Marketing Agency.
Social Media Companies in Mumbai

Let the agency work for your business!

Functioning of the Digital Marketing Agency includes one-time web development along with another ongoing trade. Retailing goals and objectives are usually achieved using the company over an extended period of time. The agency operates to stimulate product and services of your business using multiple digital channels. These channels are selected according to the particular digital marketing strategy authorized for the objective. Also, the budget of the owner, industry and timeframe are decisive factors.

The agency works by appointing a key member of its team to serve you as your liaison. The liaison administers several meetings to furnish regular updates on the progress of the agency’s effort. He also uses email status updates along with progress reports. To sum up, Digital Agency and the best social media agency in Mumbai handle all the tasks related to the implementation and maintenance of your trading efforts.

What do good Digital Marketing Packages consist of?

To fulfil your business’s prerequisites, a decent Digital Marketing Agency devotes a package of assorted online services that can effectively enrich your online market. Generally, the services offered by a Digital Marketing Agency are:

1. Local SEO Packages

To expand your business on Google maps and local search, Search Engine Optimization SEO optimizes your online existence. This way, more business gets enticed to relevant searches. Banking on local content, social profile pages, quotations and links, local SEO crumples information for local search delivering the most pertinent local results. In other words, the conversion optimisation facilitates your business to local prospects and customers.

2. Online Reputation Management

The Digital Agency assures a positive reputation for your business. It quells negative posts instantly keeping your company’s status positive for you.

3. SMO packages

SMO is a mandatory tool for a business to be a well-connected brand in the online market. It builds up your company’s prestige among leading full service social media networks. A good Digital Agency always covers Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram in its SMO Package.

4. Pay Per Click Packages

This digital marketing package curtails costs along with improving sales. It is an advertising model that pushes traffic to your website hence makes the services cost-effective. The model works by paying off the publisher from the account of advertiser every time his ad gets clicked on the publisher’s website.

5. Guest Blogging Packages

Guest Blogging is a kind of SEO services that business people use to refine the interest for their web page. It makes more visitors than ever and those visitors become audience with time. Spreading brand awareness, improving opportunities and building relationships, guest blogging loads quality traffic on your site.

6. SEO Packages

The main purpose of SEO social media plans and packages is to bring more and more search traffic to a website. The package includes keyword research, analytics setup and configuration, Title Tag and Meta Tag creation. It focuses on ranking regionally. Also, it consists of an internal link building and monthly strategy discussion.

Difference Between a Digital Marketing Company & Social Media Marketing Company

Digital Marketing Company


The agency uses all digital platforms including both internet-based and non-internet based platforms. It aims to stimulate and captivate a large number of consumers.

Basis of Marketing

Improves user experience impression on user’s mind focusing on the banners posted for web design.

Extent of Reach

Can be extended to a wide range.

Aims at

Engaging the target audience by reaching them through different digital marketing strategies.



Methods of Marketing

Internet-based- online marketing (SEO, search engine marketing, e-commerce marketing etc.), Social media marketing, email marketing and mobile marketing.

Non-internet based- marketing through radio, television, SMS, MMs etc.

Progress Managment

Keeps eye on market trends discover what the public is demanding for, what is getting viewed the most and how frequently it is being watched on the web design.

Social Media Marketing Company


The agency uses social media sites, conferences and blogs for marketing. It works to facilitate product and brands of client’s company creating perception about them.

Basis of Marketing

Improves user experience impression on user’s mind focusing on the banners posted for web design.

Extent of Reach

Can be extended only to a limited reach.

Aims at

Engaging with social media users in the best way possible.


Comparatively high due to active response of the users on social media platforms.

Methods of Marketing

Blogs, forums and social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Progress Managment

To get an account of the marketer’s impression, it estimates the number of views/visits of customers, their engagement and time they disburse daily on the site.

How to Hire the Right Social Media Agency in Mumbai For Your Business?

1. Scrutinise if the agency uses SEO and local SEO services to gather huge traffic.

2. Make sure that the marketing team takes crucial steps to maintain your business’s reputation in the online world.

3. Confirm that the agency offers all the important service packages including pay per click service and guest blogging. All these services are unique on their own. Underestimating any one of them can make you regret your choice.

4. For running your business, the most important thing is marketing. Check if the agency has sufficient but well-equipped gadgets to ensure your business’s presence. Its packages should consist of every latest online marketing service necessary for marketing

5. Before deciding to hire an agency, through some light on the qualifications of the agency’s team members since without them being professionals, well-equipped gadgets have no meaning.

6. Make sure that the agency is transparent.

7. While making significant decisions, don’t rush. Always thing about long term result of your decision.

8. Never choose the agency just by looking at the cost. Value matters much more.

9. While hiring ask the agency about what sort of people they have worked with, what is their social media strategy and what they feel is their greatest strength.

What do good Social Media Marketing Packages consist of?

Social Media Management Company depends on the content to create awareness on social media about your business. Hence, content is the king of social media marketing campaign. And that’s why the content to be posted on social media site should be well written and marketed. To sum up, a good advertising agency should provide:

1. High-quality content

For this, a good marketing package should include content writing and packages. The content created should be of high quality and it must be engaging. There must be a chance for the content to grow with time. Besides, your content can never rule without being SEO friendly. So, choose the agency which can provide you with the most interactive and professional content. Enquire about a good social media agency in Mumbai and finalise a custom social media marketing package for your brand.

2. Platforms for content marketing

To boost your business, it is not enough to create high-quality content. Without publishing your content on a well-reputed social media platform, good content is useless. As the number of active social media users has increased globally, businesses have changed their marketing techniques. Marketing your business online has become easier than never before with the use of Social Media Services. Good Social Media Packages consist of marketing services through Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Sound cloud, Google Business Listing, Pinterest etc. Brew My Idea includes all of them and even more. Posting the content on these sites can increase the number of consumers quite quickly and can spread awareness about your product among a wide range of audience. A whole lot of new people will feel your business presence.

Though, not every marketing agency can attract a crowd of people towards your business. It all depends on the qualifications of the agency’s team members. They must know how to operate the service in the best way possible to catch the crowd’s eye. The agency that serves packages that are productive and cost-effective at the same time is said to be good in every aspect as Social Media Marketing Companies in Mumbai.

We Manage Multiple Social Media Channels

What makes us the Best Digital Marketing Agency & Social Media Agency in Mumbai?

Best Digital Marketing Agency

Brew My Idea is the supreme destination for accomplishing all your requirements related to Marketing Services. Hiring our team to enhance your brand will make you our next satisfied customer for sure. We work hard to take your brand, business and website’s status to new altitudes. The techniques we use are purposefully oriented.

The trust that our customers have on our team easily makes us the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai. Talking about our team, we have a group of people who are digital marketing expert in their respective field to ensure cent percent success. They are specialized in promoting and popularizing your website all over the internet.

Our agency, Brew My Idea offers a huge bunch of Digital Marketing Packages. Each one of them is extraordinary in its own. Our packages come up with efficiency that is incomparable to any other similar agency established in Mumbai. Our professionals keep online success of your website as their first priority and they succeed in doing so through their devotion and cooperation.

You will have every right to put up your aspirations and goals to reach as the website owner. During the meeting, you can discuss the marketing strategy for running your online business. As we have served over hundreds of customers, we know what a website owner demands and how to fulfil that. Each of our marketing package is formulated purposely to serve for the requirements of the customer.

The features that make our Digital Marketing Agency, the best in Mumbai are:

1. Local SEO Packages

We guarantee to deliver our customers the most beneficial and accessible local packages so that they can register their business on Google maps and local search.

2. SEO Packages

The plans and packages that our company sales are proved to be most effective for bringing search traffic to a website.

3. Online Reputation Management

Managing the positive reputation of our clients is our prior responsibility. Our marketing team is expert in suppressing the negative posts as quickly as they are recognised.

4. Pay Per Click Packages

As already explained, this package is of immense importance in promoting sales. And, our agency knows how to make use of it to get the maximum profitable outcome.

5. Guest blogging Packages

We provide you with a genuine site with high-quality content. Shaking hands with us you can get realistic, manual, blogger outreach services.

6. Blog Management Marketing

Our agency can manage your blog using the new SEO optimized content services. We help you build a business blog that is strong and which actually matters.

7. Link Building Packages

The plans we offer include various link building packages. Choose the one suitable for you for your website.

Mentioned below are the factors which make our Social Media Agency best in Mumbai:

Social Media Marketing Packages

1. Google Business Listing marketing packages

Making use of Google Business Listing we can help you boost up your audience reach. Enhance your brand awareness, acquisition, and followers.

2. Instagram Marketing packages

Marketing these days is incomplete without Instagram. Let the greatest online marketing app work for your profit. Our experienced team from Social Media Marketing Agency in Mumbai uses Instagram services to promote your brand in the best possible way.

3. Twitter Marketing Packages

With this package of mobile app development, we aim to lower your marketing costs. This great social media app is efficient enough to bring in a new crowd of clients for your enterprise. Definitely, this service can intensify your business dignity.

4. Pinterest Marketing Packages

Our social media agency in Mumbai also uses Pinterest services. A whole lot of new potential customers can be attracted to your business if Pinterest is used for marketing.

5. Content writing packages

The content writing services that our agency provides are SEO friendly, interactive and skilled. Glamorise your website, blog, research paper, case study and ad with the most unique content at a cost-effective rate.

6. Content Marketing packages

Our agency offers vibrant options for small to medium-sized businesses. We focus on developing immersing and quality content.

7. Facebook Marketing packages

Facebook is the best platform to reach your ideal Target audience. The CPMs are lowest in India and ads are effective for all kinds of business. We are experts in optimally using Facebook ads to get you the best results for every penny spent.

And that’s why we are the best Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai.

What Makes our Social Media Services & Digital Marketing Services Best in India?

We have already explained what a good social media agency in Mumbai or anywhere in the world should offer to its client. Brew My Idea stands up to all your requirements and expectations with highest efficiency that an agency can ever provide. With its well designed packages, intelligent, creative and professional staff and great marketing strategies, our agency has proved itself to be the best server of the Social Media Marketing Service and Digital Marketing Services in India.

A customer family of thousands is enough to show how trustable we are as a team. Our friendly team members won’t make you feel uncomfortable even if its your first time to deal with an agency. Don’t hesitate anymore, hire our agency and feel the marketing services to it’s highest expertise.

Social Media Services

Need a Digital Marketing Agency in Andheri West?

Andheri West, the business hub of Mumbai has a number of small and even large companies operating in the area. If your business is settled in the pitted region of Andheri West, don’t keep your business away from taking advantage of the sovereignty of social media platform. Hire Brew My Idea digital marketing agency in your region to improve your income growth. Our team can help you with your highest benefit. There are several other agencies too which can help you fulfil your requirements.

Not all your consumers can find you and your company easily. Hiring Digital Marketing Companies gives your consumers a way to search you online. If you do not own a proper web presence, you’ll find it very hard to pop-up your business.

Make your business essentially visible to all the consumers from Andheri West with our team’s influencer marketing efforts.

List of Top 10 Other Digital Marketing Agencies in India


Reach out to the audience accepting the Digital Marketing company in Mumbai. This is the best thing you can do to promote your business. But, it remains best only when you select the right company for fulfilling your business necessities. We have already explained why Brew My Idea should be your first choice. Now we want to introduce you to 10 other Digital Marketing Agencies in India.


1. WebChutney

Located at: Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore


2. Pinstorm

Located at: Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Zurich and Santa Clara.


3. Watconsult

Located at: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore


4. Intellemo

Located at: HQ at Gurgaon. Services provided in India, US and UK.


5. Gozoop

Located at: Mumbai, Singapore, Dubai


6. EveryMedia

Located at: Mumbai


7. Social Wavelength

Located at: Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad


8. Phonethics

Located at: Mumbai


9. Blogworks

Located at: New Delhi


10. Adsyndicate

Located at: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Manipal, Chennai, Kolkata, Goa

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which platforms do social media marketing agencies in Mumbai cater to?

Social Media agencies in Mumbai typically advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest. This varies depending on client requirements. We as a leading social media agency in Mumbai always prefer customizing our plans based on the client.

2. How do the Social Media agencies in Mumbai charge?

Most agencies charge depending on the number of platforms, posts, resources and ancillary services they provide to a particular project.

3. How often do Social Media Agencies offer Reports?

Most agencies typically offer fortnightly or monthly reports, depending on the understanding they have with the client.

4. Do Social Media Agencies offer Digital Marketing Strategy & Consultation?

Yes, before commencing any project every agency offers basic or in-depth Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategy. The strategy changes depending on monthly and quarterly results.

5. Do Social Media Agencies provide employees to work from client office?

Yes, depending on client requirements, some agencies do offer dedicated resources who work on-site at the client office. Our social media agency in Mumbai offers on-site employees depending on the budget and feasibility of the project in hand.

6. What other services do Social Media Agencies in Mumbai offer?

Most Social Media agencies also offer other Digital Marketing services such as PPC, Digital Marketing, SEO, Branding etc.

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