How to Grow Your Audience on Facebook & Instagram?
11 Jul, 2023
Digital Marketing

Facebook and Instagram are real-time performers when engaging your target audiences. Facebook has a specific rhythm and tone in social media engagement, and Instagram amplifies your desire to reach out to a diversity of followers Businesses and brands recognize the power and opportunity in the two social media platforms.

How can you grow audiences organically?

Share and Upload Engaging High-Quality Content

Nobody wants to read or even watch boring social media content. If you are into sharing comedy, make people laugh and want to come back regularly to enjoy your posts. For entertainment, education, business, etc., unless your posts evoke interest in your target audience and attract them, you cannot win over new followers.

The best way is to look at every post as an opportunity to inform and entertain your potential followers and create posts that will have them yearning for more. Make them laugh and still communicate to them your message.

a) Informative content pitched perfectly to the right audience

b) Add the right humorous tone that interests your audience

c) Build a loyal and dedicated follower base.

Regularly Post or Update to Keep Followers Interested

Posting once and then taking a long while to follow up with an update creates gaps in the engagement cycle. Today, there is a treasure trove competitive of content creators that can draw away your audience. Keep updating your audience regularly for the right impact and keep the curiosity spark alive while ensuring there are no gaps in the social media posting cycle.

a) Regular posts make you more visible and gradually influential

b) You create a bond with the audience with each post

Add Visuals to Your Posts

An image or video says a thousand words and reaches audiences faster. The visually enriched posts perform better than text. Visual posts are undoubtedly the epitome of classic engagement on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook stories and Instagram reels with live button and replays means you reach more people and audiences.

a) There is a high likelihood of Facebook and Instagram users clicking on visually engaging posts.

b) Videos and posts share more content faster and drive more leads and engagement in the shortest period.

c) Likelihood of going viral due to the possibility of resonating with the audience multiplies with visually rich posts.

Videos & Reels are the new Norm

Facebook live streams, video posts, and Instagram reels are fast and engage audiences faster. You can grow audiences on both social media platforms with ease. Make short regular video posts on relevant topics on Facebook and Instagram with proper editing and sound. Clear video posts without shooting defects interest audiences.

a) Faster and maximum reach and engagement in the shortest time

b) High views and shares diversify your target audience

Use More Tagging

Tagging is encouraged to tag familiar friends or followers for posts to a diverse audience. Tagging on highly resonant topics draws more people to read, watch and share your posts and content. It is fast and makes posts reach a wider audience faster while making more people follow you closely each time you post.

Final Remarks

When these tactics are adapted strategically, you can build strong and bigger audiences with the right impact. Growing your audience and expanding your reach is possible with the best of these social media optimization strategies.