How to Hack the Instagram Reels Algorithm
11 Jul, 2023
Digital Marketing

Life has shrunk onto social media. For news, networking, business, collaborations and more, social media has become a hub. When we speak of social media platforms, there are many platforms with distinctive features. However, the one platform that has become extremely popular is Instagram. Be it the naturality of the posts, fun of reels or longevity of IGTV, Instagram is a house of many things. However, nothing can beat the popularity of Instagram Reels. 

So, if you are an Instagram lover or aim to be an Instagram influencer, we bring you some easy and effective tricks to hack the Instagram Reels Algorithm: 

1. Be original: The first and the most important trick to crack Insta reels is to create original content. Yes, you may say that there is so much content available that is trending. But the statistics say that creating reels around trending topics may get you views but doesn’t get you longevity. Therefore, the trick is to either create original content or recreate trending content with your flavour. Therefore, always have your flavour.

2. Quality matters: You may not understand the camera angles, lighting and technicalities, but, to make your reels work is quality. When we speak of quality it means to keep it clear, no noise, non-shaky and clean. These are basic elements that you must focus on while making reels. You may make your reel keeping the camera static, but if you have the above characteristics, then you have done it right. Anything better than this is a bonus.

3. Music matters: When you are making reels, one key element that can push your reels is the music. If you are seeking inspiration, then one source is the music available on Insta. Yes, you can have your own music as background but picking music from Instagram’s music bank is a good way to get that push. Let’s say for instance you are creating a reel for Promotional Products Printing services, you need yo use subtle music instead of something which is very loud. Using music that is trending is going to you the views.

4. Make it shareable: The success on social media depends on how many people like your content and how many have shared it. To achieve a balance of liking and shareability, the trick is to create content that is shareable. In other words, creating reels around ideas like DIY, tutorials or facts that are not just engaging and innovative but informative as well.

5. Mind your language: Instagram as a platform has diverse people from different walks of life. Therefore, Instagram as a platform is very particular about the language and tone of your content. Anything that is vulgar and offensive is not encouraged on Instagram. On the other hand, keeping your content and language clean also adds to your brand value.

6. Be yourself: The one thing that can take you a long way on social media is “being yourself.” The same rule applies to any other app like Instagram as well . So, if you plan to crack the reels, choose topics that you think reflect your personality. This is essential because only if you do what you are comfortable, you can be sure of creating a connection with the viewers.

These tricks would definitely give you the base framework for an effective Facebook AD campaign.